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Monday, January 15, 2007

Downtown Nashville, TN

During a recent business trip, I had the opportunity to stay in Nashville, TN. I am recently back into the US from Australia, and since this is January, I am starting my frequent flyer mile arms race. As listed before, I typically give first shot to Starwood because of their past performance. I chose the Sheraton Downtown Nashville as my hotel location, and flew from my home in Dallas to Nashville on American.

The location of the hotel was definitely the reason for my stay, although the age of the hotel itself left a little to be desired. The rooms were pleasant enough, but there was a little age to the room. I am not always impressed when I pay $179.00 a night for a room that is equal to that of a motel. A word to the wise, if you have not updated your hotel since 1970, quit charging that much. The night before I stayed in twice the luxury at $139! I did notice that the rooms on a mid-level were being redecorated, so it appears management is aware. If I were to give a bit of advice, fix your club level rooms first!

I also did have the advantage of enjoying the club level happy hour for both breakfast and after work drinks. If you are not aware of this, please bear in mind that some hotel chains allow you to pay an extra $10-35 dollars (normally negotiable) to enjoy the benefits of internet service, snack type finger foods and access to drinks from the bar for little or no extra money. A glass of wine at this location was $4, although I did not have to pay extra for access to the room because of my status.

Here is the breakdown of what was paid:
Room rate: $179
Club Level: $0
Parking: $20
Drink Charges: $4
Water on Arrival in Room: $0 for 2 bottles

Rating (based on 10):
Bed: 9
Room: 5
Bathtub: 4
Bathroom: 5 (toilet too close to shower)
TV Selection: 6 (would have been higher if HBO had worked)
Location to Downtown: 9
Overall: 38/60

As always, if hotel or corporate management should like to discuss this rating with me, please contact me!

Welcome to "A Texas Traveler!"

I guess by way of my first post, I should let you know what and why this blog is created. My wife Sarah and I travel quite extensively throughout the world, and although you can always read about our exploits on a personal blog, I thought I would dedicate a little time to the business travel that I take on throughout the world.

Business travellers are always looking for something new or exciting to make their trips a little less boring, and I will hope that I can assist in that! Let me start by giving you some travel preferences:

Favorite Hotel Chain: Starwood Preferred Guest
Favorite Airline: American Airlines (let the spirited debate begin)
Favorite Car Rental: Hertz
Favorite City to travel to: Austin, TX

I will dedicate a little time per trip to letting you know where and when I was able to eat, drink, sleep. If this helps in anyway spur your decision to stay or use one of those services, then just send a little comment to me and let me know I helped!