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Friday, October 12, 2007

Status Qualification - "The Challenge"

As listed in the comments section, by poster "Matt", there is in fact a quick and fairly easy way to earn your status for the year. Bear in mind this is a one-time shot, so do consider when and where to begin this challenge.

Status is based on travel between Jan. 1, 200x and December 31st, 200x. If you choose to fly with American, and do not have status or want to re-earn a lost status, you can apply for a Gold or Platinum Challenge. In order to meet the challenge, you have to call into AA Customer Service, ask for the challenge, and then after enrolling, fly either 5,000 miles for Gold or 10,000 miles for Platinum within 90 days of your challenge starting. As soon as you surpass those goals, you move into the next status level.

Two caveats to this challenge... #1 You can only challenge one at a time, so if you did Gold, and flew 10,000 miles, you would still only have Gold. #2 You can only do this one time per frequent flyer in that account's lifetime. #3 Whereas someone who qualifies normally in 2007 would keep the benefit until Feb. 2009, challengers who qualify in 2007 only keep keep status until Feb. 2008.

Tip #3: If you are thinking about this challenge, make sure you start it right before a long trip, and have enough trips thought out ahead of time.

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Blogger Matt said...

Hey - props for my comment! Sadly, it doesn't seem that UAL/STAR/etc have any reciprocity for mid-tier executive programs like AA's Platinum (no idea on Plat E - will let you know when I get there).

Also just got my Hilton Diamond membership - I may nix Marriott at this rate, Hilton is MUCH faster!

1:06 PM

Blogger Mark said...

Marriott is for old schoolers... they have not caught up with the 90's or beyond. Go Starwood or Hilton where they respect you a little.

1:54 PM


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