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Friday, October 12, 2007

Dine Out - Earn 10 miles per dollar

OK, so you have read my first blog explaining the benefits of earning mileage and elite status on airlines. This post is going to talk directly about mileage, but will earn you no additional status.

Rewards Network (formerly known as iDine) is a business venture that assists up and coming restaurants build larger clientel through web based marketing. It cleverly realized that business travelers are always looking for a place to eat when on the road, and converted this idea into a business by enticing these travelers to earn frequent flyer miles at locations throughout the country.

The concept is simple. Sign up for free, add your existing credit card (ANY credit or debit card) into your profile, and voila, you are having your cards work for you. If you happen to stumble on a Rewards Network location, you will automatically receive the benefit for the use. Now if you want to leverage this into further benefit, you can log on, add your credit cards and then search the locations you want to dine in, and a bevy of options will come up in the towns you are headed to!

OK.... now I did lie to you slightly, it is not automatic that you earn 10 miles per dollar spent. There are different levels within Rewards Network for elite dining members, but these are pretty easy to attain. Your first 12 dines will reap a 3 mile per dollar spent reward. All subsequent dines are 10 miles per dollar.

Tip #2 To quickly obtain elite status, why not go to 10 restaurants and just buy a drink for $2. This would mean for a mere $20 investment, you would now be earning 10 miles per dollar there on out!


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