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Monday, January 15, 2007

Welcome to "A Texas Traveler!"

I guess by way of my first post, I should let you know what and why this blog is created. My wife Sarah and I travel quite extensively throughout the world, and although you can always read about our exploits on a personal blog, I thought I would dedicate a little time to the business travel that I take on throughout the world.

Business travellers are always looking for something new or exciting to make their trips a little less boring, and I will hope that I can assist in that! Let me start by giving you some travel preferences:

Favorite Hotel Chain: Starwood Preferred Guest
Favorite Airline: American Airlines (let the spirited debate begin)
Favorite Car Rental: Hertz
Favorite City to travel to: Austin, TX

I will dedicate a little time per trip to letting you know where and when I was able to eat, drink, sleep. If this helps in anyway spur your decision to stay or use one of those services, then just send a little comment to me and let me know I helped!



Blogger Matt said...

C'mon - American? I keep platinum with them via the "Platinum Challenge" but SW flies nearly everywhere out of BWI direct. National's a little better than hertz, IMHO, but I could argue either way. Marriott has the best variety of properties if your company has a good deal with them, but the ATX Hilton (Convention Center) is the shonizzle.

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